Multiple Vehicle Accident on Old A53

Three Car Accident 13 Feb 2014
Earlier today there was a multiple car accident on the section of old A53 which runs through Wollerton between Hodnet and Lostford.
It happened early morning, around 8:30am, as people were going to work and the road was affected by black ice.
Parish Councillor Alan Cope, who took the photograph to the left, comments:

The parish council have asked the highways department to grit this road. Unfortunately highways say that the Hodnet to Lostford road is no longer considered a major route and therefore does not and will not get gritted in the future.
The road is still very heavily used by people commuting to and from work who live in Stoke, Drayton travelling to Wem, Ellesmere in addition to local people living in the village.
When motorists turn off the A53 at Lostford, due to the appearance (markings, signage, width, etc.) of the existing road, the majority of the road users unwittingly believe it will have been gritted along with the A53 and other main routes. Additionally, also due to the roads appearance, motorists drive at a much higher speed than that of the other non gritted country lanes.

Please remember the dangers of driving during icy winter periods, especially when on roads which may not have been gritted.
There are no reports of anyone being seriously injured in the accident.