Historic Photographs of James Naylor

James Naylor & his dog Rover

In December 2017 the web team were contacted by Dr Philip J Naylor, grandson of James Naylor who was the Dispensing Chemist in Hodnet between 1934 & 1937. Philip, who now lives in Bristol is also the great grandson of Will Dodd, who was the odd job man at Hodnet Hall.
Philip says he had been going through some of my late father’s effect recently, and
sent us six photographs for the website. We very much appreciate these which are featured below, and have been added to relevant pages elsewhere on the website.

James Naylor & his dog RoverJames Naylor and his dog Rover.

Hodnet's Chemist Shop pre 1940Hodnet’s Chemist Shop pre 1940 -with unnamed woman.
There is a display of Ucal Photographic Supplies in the window.

E Howells Outside Chemist Shop late 1930sDonkey and trap marked “E Howells, Hodnet” outside the chemist’s shop in the late 1930s.

British Legion marching - possibly at funeral of James Naylor 1937The British Legion marching through Hodnet, possibly for the funeral of James Naylor, 1937

Children playing on a fire engine, possibly late 1920sChildren playing on a fire engine, possibly late 1920s.

Hodnet from the air probably taken in 1938Hodnet from the air probably taken in 1938.
It is of the main crossroads in the village viewed from above the road to Marchamley.
The Bear, the Hundred House and the Church gates are all identifiable.

Copies of some of these photographs have also been added to the following pages: Hodnet Pharmacy, Old Photographs: Hodnet & Hodnet from the Air.