The Return of the Roadworks – 13 to 15 May 2018

Roadworks Sign

It seems like Openreach are still searching for the blockage in their ducting near the Hodnet exchange, as is warning of more roadworks on Drayton Road, today and tomorrow. These are to be followed on Monday and Tuesday by further roadworks on the old A53 in the Wollerton area.
Details of all these are:

Drayton Road, Hodnet, Shropshire
13 May — 14 May
Delays likely Traffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: From outside 4 to outside 11 ,, DRAYTON ROAD
Works description: To locate and clear blockages in verge / footway on BT network
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Works reference: BC006TI003MW500261132205
Also see Hearne Lane.


Wollerton Crossroads to Drayton Field, Wollerton
14 May — 15 May
Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)
Works location: ROSE COTT
Works description: Defect CLO – Remedial Rein by CLO Interim LB9141201/000060214262 60214262 Shrops Nr ROSE COTTAGE WOLLERTON TF9 3NE Correct topping needed CWT 1 10mm Bit Mac Job in Carriageway (10mm Bitmac (Tarmac) )
Responsibility for works: Severn Trent Water
Works reference: LB9141201/000060214262


From A53 From Drayton Road End of to Crossroads Wollerton, Drayton Road
15 May – 16 May
Traffic lights, etc: Traffic control (two-way signals)
Location:From outside Narbury House to opposite The Hollies and The Elms, FROM A53 FROM DRAYTON ROAD END OF TO CROSSROADS WOLLERTONResponsibility for these works: BT
Description: For blowing fibre cables and access to jointing chambers – no excavation
Works ref: BC006TI003MW500254790626
Project ref: BC005BDUK