Bowls’ Big Weekend 2022

This event has ended

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 May
10:00am to 4:00pm both days

Bowls Big Weekend 2022

The weather forecast for the weekend is dry and warm, so why not plan a visit to Wollerton Bowls and Social Club to have a go at crown green bowling.

National organisations, including the British Crown Green Bowling Association have once again jointly organised the Bowls’ Big Weekend to encourage people of all ages to consider playing bowls, no matter how little previous experience they may have. Across the country, local bowling clubs will be opening their greens for people to come along and give bowls a go.

Wollerton Bowls Club is pleased once again to be participating in this national initiative. You are invited to come along and find out more about crown green bowls and give it a try.

Club members will be available between 10am and 4pm both days to welcome visitors and to advise you throughout your visit. We have all the equipment guests will need, but we do ask you to wear flat soled shoes on the green (preferably not open toed sandals either, in case you drop a wood on your foot!).

This year, unlike last, there is no need to book your visit to the green. However, if you have any questions before the day, please phone Sally on: 01630-661315.

For those who would like to explore playing bowls regularly, we offer a free 6 week trial membership package. Please ask how to apply whilst you are with us.

Further information about Wollerton Bowls Club is available on our page on this website.